Grateful Teacher,

My cough started near the end of November.

It got worse after treatment with herbal medicines that usually work.

I could not sleep lying down during the first week of December due to violent coughing spasms.

Sleep was only possible at a 60 degree angle with several pillows behind my back and head.

An X-Ray showed fluid in my lungs and a blood test indicated recent heart failure.

So we contacted Teacher for help.

After several treatments, you said the medicines would start to work and they did.

Two days later, I was able to sleep lying down.

I followed up with my doctor for more tests.

She was surprised to see the X-ray indicated a big reduction in the fluid in my lungs.

And the blood test for heart failure showed a big improvement too.

My cough is almost gone now.

During your Skype calls, I feel your presence with me and various mystical truths come to my mind.

My wife noticed the coughing stops during the Skype calls and for some time afterwards.

I feel like sitting up straight in the chair and pull my shoulders back and then feel at peace when the call ends.

That peace is very comforting to me.

I am very grateful to have help from a teacher who is still in this world.



感恩老師, 我的咳嗽是在 11 月底左右開始的。 用通常有效的草藥治療後,情況變得更糟。 由於劇烈的咳嗽痙攣,我在 12 月的第一周無法平躺入睡。 只能以 60 度角睡覺,在我的背後和頭後面放幾個枕頭。 X 光檢查顯示我的肺部有積水,血液檢查顯示我最近心衰竭。 所以我們聯繫了老師尋求幫助。 經過幾次治療後,您說藥物會開始起作用,並且確實起作用了。 兩天后,我可以躺著睡覺了。 我跟進了我的醫生進行了更多檢查。 她驚訝地看到 X 光片顯示我肺部積水大量減少。 血液檢測心力衰竭也顯示出很大的改善。 我的咳嗽現在幾乎消失了。 在你的 Skype 通話中,我感受到你在我身邊,各種神秘的真相浮現在我的腦海中。 我的妻子注意到在 Skype 通話期間和之後的一段時間裡咳嗽停止了。 我想在椅子上坐直,將肩膀向後拉,通話結束時感到安詳平靜。 那種平靜對我來說非常安慰。 我很感激能得到一位還在世上的老師的幫助。 真摯地, 大衛